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Best Way To Optimize Your Web Page in SEO

Best Way To Optimize Your Web Page in SEO

Ranking in search engine results is not an easy task, especially when too many companies and individuals are continuously belting in fresh, high-quality and voluminous content. But, keeping a few SEO fundamentals correct can help you get a higher position in SERPs, attracting more visitors and improving the profit margins. There are some effective ways to optimize your web page, to implement stronger SEO strategies.


Making your website mobile-friendly is one of the best approached to make it compatible with your SEO implementation. Some of the basics in this context:

  • Making the website fluently adaptive to any device – laptop, mobile, tablet
  • Scaling the dimensions and sizes of images, and making the design responsive
  • Using short, crisp meta-titles, which are convenient for reading on mobiles
  • Completely avoiding pop-ups that cover the content and reduce readability
  • Not rigidly relying on long-form content, as it doesn’t necessarily result in more traffic and higher rankings
  • Avoid cloaking at any cost and show the same content to search engines and visitors

Focusing on technical SEO

The might seem complex and intimidating for some of you. But, performing technical SEO has its own unique benefits. Performing an SEO audit on a regular basis and improvising on strategies would certainly improve your page ranks, and you can consult SEO Company in Delhi in this regard. The major point here is correct interpretation of available data, and exploiting it intelligently. As beginners, you can concentrate on the following:

  • A mobile-friendly website, as mentioned in the previous point
  • Checking for and correcting the errors of status code
  • Checking and optimizing errors pertaining to robot.txt
  • Using GSC (Google Search Console) to check the indexing of your website, examining issues, if any, and fixing them
  • Removing duplication in meta descriptions and title tags
  • Thoroughly auditing the website content
  • Regularly checking the traffic volumes and related statistics using Google Analytics
  • Improving or wisely pruning content that underperforms
  • Fixing all broken links as they are responsible for poor user experience
  • Submitting the XML Sitemap correctly to Google

Complying with Core Web Vitals

In 2021, Google has made it clear that it would consider the Core Web Vitals of a site to judge its quality, and decide its rank. The main priority is given to top-class user experience. The three parameters under consideration are – loading experience, the degree or quality of interactivity, and the website’s visual stability. These metrics reflect unique dimensions of user experience, and are quantifiable, providing a clear overview.

There are some simple and clean tools you can use for measuring Core Web Vitals,

PAGESPEED INSIGHTS – It measures the performance of a webpage, both on mobile devices and desktops. You know about the load-time and get recommendations from the tool.

LIGHTHOUSE – It is an open-source, highly effective and automated tool from Google. It guides you in improving the quality of web pages. It also performs some relevant SEO checks.

SEARCH CONSOLE – The Search Console from Google (GSC) gives you a detailed report on Core Web Vitals, and you know extensively about web page performance.

Creating content in tandem with User Intent

You must always concentrate of creating content that perfectly matches the intent of the user who searched it using specific ‘keywords’. You need to optimize it and also get trusted links.

With rapid evolution of machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques, the core algorithm of Google is putting more weight on content has relevance to user intent.

The keyword research at an advanced level should be more prolific. In this regard, you need to consult with Top SEO Company and keep in mind that the contextual relevance of the keyword should perfectly align with the search query.

Before you spend time and money to rank, you must study the websites ranking currently on a specific keyword or key-phrase.

The landing page and the website should be similar.

Smart Content Marketing

You need to strategically market the content you produce, become the competition is tough, and in coming days, it would be tougher, as huge volumes of content is manufactured each second, increasing the clutter. You should take the following steps:

  • Creating a reliable content hub
  • Filling the hub with valuable content
  • Writing ‘spoke’ pieces for the hub, and positively interlink
  • Writing news articles, and interlink
  • Promoting the articles on social media channels
  • Hijacking the trending topics that related to your website’s content
  • Using videos and images more
  • Updating content that receive low traffic volume

Focusing on Schema

Schema markup added to specific web pages, is extremely effective in creating a ‘rich snippet’ for the content materials, which appears in search results. It is basically a terse and enhanced description. Major search engines, including Google, are in love with microdata. Schema adds solid context to the content of the web page. Resultantly, it improves the search experience.

In a website, scheme can be added to web pages with articles, FAQs, descriptions of organizations, profiles of people, product details, events, Q&A section, reviews, recipes, etc. It is practically simple implementing Schema. Wordpress sites have plugins doing it for you.
Constantly improving User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) is all about how users are benefitted from visiting and navigating on your site. You can enhance the standard of UX on your website by:

  • Producing a unique content that provides value to the user
  • Building an easily navigable, clean website
  • Integrating aesthetically appealing designs that evoke emotions
  • Making things conveniently findable on your website
  • Making content accessible to every user
  • Building a trustworthy site
  • Building a site that is worthy to all stakeholders, especially if it is a corporate site

Link building

Building genuine links for your website increases it domain authority, and helps it to rank higher in search engine results. There are some crisp strategies that you can follow to get great results in the long run.

  • Utilizing the resource pages
  • Removing all broken links
  • Doing backlink mining
  • Performing link reclamation
  • Claiming the unlinked mentions

Play it clean

You simply have to focus on the above-mentioned essentials. There is no rocket-science in optimizing the web pages of your site. Keep Google happy by maintain a set of norms, and in return, Google would keep you happy, too.

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