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Why Is SEO Content More Important Than Ever In 2020?

Why Is SEO Content More Important Than Ever In 2020?

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Impact Of COVID-19 On Business Customers

As the COVID-19 continues to prevail, every 9 in 10 customers indicate that the coronavirus has mostly affected their shopping behaviour. The Indian customers are more anxious and concerned about their health, trying to weave a plan to adjust to what is termed as the “new normal”.

The priorities of the customers have now dramatically shifted by investing and blocking money to maintain a fair balance between fulfilling their immediate demand for essential goods and healthcare. 

This pattern reflects that the customers are now cautious in differentiating between their needs and wants of products.


How Does This Affect Your Bottom Line?

The world economy is interdependent. If one supply chain is disrupted, it will cause ripples in the entire economic structure. With the world going on lockdown, more and more manufacturing and supply units are being either shut down or slowed down. This is causing a supply deficit throughout the economy.


So, if the businesses are unable to meet the supply expectations, how should they retain their customer base?


Here lies the silver lining. True, the lockdown has mostly impacted the production units and supply chains. But remember, every coin has two sides! While it is true that unless you offer essential supplies, people cannot care less, but it is also true that more and more people are spending their time indoors.


Increased time staying indoor has led to an increase in their online activities. Here lies a potential that you can easily tap into while sitting at homes.


More and more people are avoiding physical shopping and social activities and are spending time online. This is crucial for several reasons.


Even though the future might seem hazy, the economy will eventually go back to normal once all this settles down. Until that time, it is crucial to produce informative, engaging, and SEO-tuned content that is entertaining in nature.


With more time in hand, you should focus on improving your content strategy by producing targeted content for every layer in your marketing funnel. This content from your brand will boost your potential audience’s affinity to it, translating to long term trust and loyalty. Once you nurture your content strategy to establish a strong customer base, slowly and gradually, conversions will come pouring in.


Remember that people are noticing how brands are reacting to this crisis. Only the brands which show their concern and wish the well-being of their customers will prevail in the long run.


Another advantage of adopting an SEO-friendly content approach is that it requires low investment thresholds that means that you don’t need huge bucks to market your business this way. Unlike traditionally paid campaigns, SEO content prevails for a long time after creation.


As a business owner, you might have a greater sense of what works and what does not work during such uncertain times. During these times of increased anxiety, a direct sales pitch will lead to a negative effect on how people perceive your brand.


You need to bring out a more humane side of your business to sell. People do not need to be nudged by your intrusive ads right now. What they need is a soft sales approach which helps them connect with your brand. 


Even giants like Amazon and Google have seen a downfall in online paid campaigns. According to the Wordstream report, the Pay Per Click model of online advertising has seen a lower investment, with brands putting their paid campaigns on hold, trimming down their paid budget.


While the paid campaigns have suffered budget cuts, the positive news is that SEO is showing an upward trend. This is a piece of good news for all the professionals who are producing organic content and traffic.


Tip: If you can relate your brand with the ongoing crisis, and produce content in its context, you increase your chances of higher traction.


Following are the topics that are getting the most traction amid the pandemic -

  • Healthcare and wellness

  • DIY (Do It Yourself) content

  • Home Remedies 

  • Cooking Recipes

  • Ecommerce websites and apps delivering essential goods and services


If you are losing your online traffic, now is the time to think why. The COVID-19 pandemic demands your business to be more mindful and sensitive to its sales approaches. Play around and experiment within your confined budgets but taking a more organic way of connecting with your audience.

You can take help of the best SEO services Delhi to revamp your SEO-tuned content creation strategy to come out as a more sensitive brand during such anxious times.

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