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Compelling content is the need of the hour and if a business gets it right, it can be its most dependable resource. At DigitalOye, our highly creative team of content strategists and writers plans a comprehensive content marketing approach specifically for your brand. The approach is well-thought out as per industry standards, and is backed by several data points.

Content marketing works at various levels – to spread awareness about your products/services, build your brand image, increase traffic to your website, generate leads and finally, to drive conversions. As the top Content Marketing agency in India, we create various content types from scratch as per the strategy that works best for your brand. These include blogs (that are SEO optimized), videos, landing pages, infographics, press releases, brochures, outdoor media content, emails and online ads, among others.

Content Research & Ideation

As a trustworthy Content Marketing company in Delhi NCR, we have always taken data and analytics as the base of any decision/strategy in the last 16 years. We believe that in-depth research is the key to successful content marketing and gives desirable results much faster than content which is not written on the basis of research. This kind of a comprehensive content strategy is a major boost to relevant website traffic.

Content Creation

Our Content Marketing services in Noida focus on content creation as the next step. We specialize in written and creative content that works from the top to the bottom of the funnel (research to purchase phase of a consumer). Our content is such that it establishes a content with the consumers, is engaging, compelling and drives conversions. This is our motto irrespective of the platform we are creating content for. While we create various content types in-house, we also work on strategies that leverage our influencer/blogger network in terms of guest posts, thus also reaching a wider audience in a reliable way.

Performance Tracking

Data, data, data – that’s what has kept us going in the last 16 years and makes us so strong today. We opt for a rational approach to creating content and also measure each piece of content once it is launched with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports. The metrics we track are not just in terms of quantity (number of leads) but also quality (time on page, pages per session, exit page details, CTRs etc).


Excellent content marketed the right away is the perfect recipe for any brand’s success. We get together all the ingredients for you and present them to your relevant audience in the most engaging way. The content is SEO optimized for an organic reach and is moulded according to various social media platform algorithms to optimize each campaign. In addition to this, the content is pushed to your target groups through influencer channels, customized targeted emails, online ads, notifications/SMS, mobile app advertising and more.

We will help you with the following

  • Become a thought leader in your niche
  • Research and curating the idea for the content
  • Customized approach for your industry
  • Creation of Ad, Script or editorial copies

It's not re-arranging of words

As a top content marketing agency, we helps you to do the digital content in right manner with focussed approach to achieve the winning results. We will achieve this with the experience and comprehensive research based on keywords to target the desired audience and leave your competition behind.

FAQs About Content Marketing Services

  • What is content marketing?

    Gone are the days of direct advertising and sales pitch. Customers today want information and the answer to "why." Content marketing is a strategy of researching, developing, publishing, and marketing relevant content such as articles, blog posts, PR news, videos, editorials, and more to attract the target audience and gain their trust.

  • Why do I need it for my business?

    Well, no business will survive without customers. Right? If you have a business - no matter what industry - you need content marketing. Why? It helps with brand reputation, increases sales and conversions, is cost-effective, and, most importantly - it builds trust relations with customers.

  • What all falls under content marketing?

    Everything from conceptualizing ideas, research and development, publishing, and further marketing the content falls under content marketing.

  • Why should I choose DigitalOye's content marketing service?

    Our content team consists of creative copywriters, bloggers, graphic designers, and videographers who together work on coming up with the best content for your business. They devise a content marketing strategy, research the right keywords, and create content around what your audience needs to know. Our team has expertise in coming up with different kinds of content like blogs, videos, infographics, and more.

  • What are your content marketing packages?

    We provide custom solutions to your content requirements. Browse through our content marketing packages here.