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Among many digital marketing agencies, only a few are privileged to be a Google certified partner, and DigitalOye is one of them. By advertising your products and services on Google search engine, you will be able to attract the right customers to your business. Our dedicated team of Google Adwords Experts at DigitalOye create a Google ads account campaign according to your target audience, location, product and service keywords, and daily and monthly budget. By leveraging the benefits of being a certified Google Partner, DigitalOye provides the clients with the best Adwords Services in Delhi -

DigitalOye will help you in

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Search Enginine Optimization
  • Campaign Management (Search, Display and re-marketing)
  • Social Media Marketing
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Google Adwords Services in Delhi, India

Adwords Campaign Management Service

Advertising on Google forms the basis of every digital marketing activity. At this Google AdWords Agency, we try to figure out your search engine marketing efforts, your target audience, geographical reach, and daily budget understand how should we execute your Google Ad campaigns. The best part about Google AdWords is that if you run your ad campaigns on Google, you would only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad because these campaigns work on Pay Per Click basis.

As an experienced Google AdWords Company in India, we assist you in setting daily budgets and campaign schedules to achieve the best Click-Through Rates and Conversions.

  • High Click-Through Rate (High CTR)
  • Relevant Traffic on Website
  • Better Google Ad Rankings
  • Impactful Ad Copies
  • Optimizing Quality Score

Google Ads Campaign Management Services


Start working with our expert team to enhance the results driven from your Google Adwords Campaigns.

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How Does This Process Work?

Client's business research

To effectively cater to your AdWords campaign management services needs, we begin the process by conducting extensive research on your business, industry, competition and your business environment. Later, we work with you to come up with Pay Per Click advertising management plans.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Without targeting the most relevant keywords, your products and services will not reach the online customers. Therefore, we do thorough keyword research to create ads for your search engine ad campaigns.

Professional Ad Copy & Placement

Our dedicated team of copywriters and designers create ad copies that resonate with your brand voice and feature them on the best spots to get the highest visibility from your niche audience.

Bid & Optimization Management

As a part of our Google AdWords Pay Per Click Management Services, we provide effective bid management services by real time bidding to manage bids in the display ad market.

Monitoring Reports & Improvising

We keep a regular check on the performance of the running Google AdWords campaigns with the help of Google Analytics to get an insight into how the ads are performing, what is the click-through-rate, and how many leads did the campaign generates to improvise the next steps in the AdWords management process.

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