Best Matrimonial Software for Matrimony

Matrimonial software is a CRM system used to manage the client details, shortlist the suitable matches based on client requirements and send the matches to the client from the Matrimony CRM software. Staff can create tasks and followups with the client. The task becomes visible to them when its due and the staff can take suitable action. Match making software purchase or Matrimony software purchase makes the life easy for marriage bureau, marriage agency or matrimonial management software company who provide personalised Indian matrimonial services.

Matrimony websites offer services to people around the world, where they can find their perfect significant other. With the help of such a website, they can look for their dream life spouse on important parameters like age, location, education, profession, religion, income, height complexion, Caste, Sub-caste etc. We, at Digitaloye, provide the best matrimonial software for the clients with which they can have a fully functional and a successful online matrimonial business. We do also provide best solution for How to design a matrimonial website? answer is Matrimonial software development cost in India at very affordable rates. We are a leading matrimonial portal development company which helps matrimony agencies to enhance their business up to the mark with our readymade matrimony website with demo at very reasonable cost in India.

Features of Matrimonial CRM


Notification Icon to view today's Meeting, Task and Leads

  • View client data, tasks and its follow-up based on below criteria:
    • Pending Task
    • Today's Task
    • Tomorrow's Task
    • Upcoming Task
  • Total clients, paid clients, total leads, client meetings
  • Client’s birthday, client’s anniversary

Manage Clients

  • Add/update profile (name, date of birth, religion, caste, sub-caste, personality, eye sight, education & occupation, family, photo, contact, payment details and approx. 100 fields to capture)
  • Share PDF of multiple profiles with each client and response received from client
  • Manage interaction record of each client
  • Shortlist profiles for client to be approved by admin
  • Add/view registration & payment details
  • Add/view task & followup created for each client
  • Membership expiring client report
  • Payment due and collection report
  • 360 degree view of actions performed for each client

Search Clients & Advance Search

Clients can be searched based on various criteria like:

  • Client Name
  • Gender
  • Religion, caste, sub-caste
  • Occupation, income, education
  • Astrology
  • Location, budget
  • Age, Height
  • Eating Habits and many more search criteria

Manage Shortlists

  • Can add/view/approve/reject shortlisted profiles by staff
  • List profiles on the basis of approved and rejected Profiles

Manage Leads

  • Add/edit/delete leads generated from various sources
  • Add/View lead followups
  • Filter leads based on name, location, assignee, status and other search criteria

Manage Tasks

Multiple tasks and followups can be added for each client

  • Add/view/edit/delete task and its follow-ups
  • There are various categories of task like
    • Short listing
    • Client meeting
    • Family meeting
    • Follow-up
    • Feedback
  • Task priority can be set as 'Normal' or 'Urgent'
  • Add/View followup for task
  • Search task based on task title,client name, task Category, assignee, status and other criteria

Manage Reports

Staff Report

  • Admin will be able to view the work done / action performed by all the staff members
  • Staff reports based on below criteria will be displayed:
    • No of profiles viewed
    • No of profiles sent
    • No of meetings scheduled
    • No of profiles handled
    • No of profile created
    • Total payment collected
    • Staff report can be filtered based on date filter

Payment Report

  • The User will be able to view payment reports for each client.
  • The Payment reports are generated on the basis of:-
    • Expected Amount
    • Received Payment
    • Payment Due
    • View/Add payment of each client
    • Payment reports can be filtered based on client name, email, phone and date filter

Manage Settings

  • Various details related to the client profile can be added and managed in the system.
  • Few setting’s criterias are as follows:-
    • Profile sourced from
    • Religion
    • Caste
    • Qualification
    • Reference (for leads)
    • Country
    • Occupation type and many more
    • Income

Manage Staff

  • User will be able to add/edit/delete/deactivate staff members
  • For the security purposes:-
    • To login to a new device, staff need approval from the admin in the system. On next login from the same device, he can login without approval for a set no. of days.
    • Admin can view staff last login request and approve the login after reviewing below details such as:-

      IP, Date Time, Location, Device

    • User can view last login activity details such as:-

      IP, Date Time, Location, Device

  • Search staff by name, type and status
  • View Login History of staffs
  • View profiles handled by the staff

Extra Features

Client Feedback *

  • When user shares any profile to client, then client will be having option of giving feedback for that profile
  • All the feedbacks will be displayed in the system under "Client Response"
  • In the Client Response user can view/add response and resend profile.
  • Client response to acceptance / rejection for the profile is clearly highlighted.