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Mobile App Marketing Agency in Delhi, India

Irrespective of the devices and locations, our Mobile Advertising campaigns deliver the best and that’s why we are the most preferred Mobile Advertising Company in India. With everyone moving from offline to online and further focusing on mobile first, mobile advertising and app promotion becomes vital for any business to grow. Our specialized resources study the industry standards and how the market works with respect to your business and accordingly device strategies.

At DigitalOye, experts from all fields of marketing along with their extensive experience have come together to provide the best Mobile Advertising solutions. This is done at two levels for your business:

  • To increase app downloads
  • To promote your business on all kinds of mobile devices

For app downloads, we ensure that the app ranks high in specific as well as generic search results to maximize your reach. This further contributes to increasing the app downloads, and relevant audiences help in increasing app retention. We use our expertise in social media, search ads, Click to Call campaigns and other marketing platforms to be able to meet your business goals.

Here’s a summary of how we do it:

  • Pay-for-Performance: Very similar to how PPC works, our DigitalOye’s Mobile Advertising services are need to be paid for when there is a successful app installation.
  • Advanced and Relevant Targeting: We also optimize your ads for devices and locations, which helps in reaching to your target set, thus resulting in good quality leads which give better conversation.
  • Real-Time Campaign Tracking: We track metrics and CTRs for all actions on your app/mobile website, including number of conversions. This is done real time to get the most out of your promotions.
  • Affiliate Network: Our extensive and wide affiliate network comes handy when it comes to increasing your reach. With the help of our network, we are able to get relevant traffic to your website from across the globe.
  • Anti-fruad: Our regular monitoring and advanced technology is active 24*7 to ensure there are no misappropriate or fraud leads.

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