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Boost Your Online Business With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Small Business SEO Service: Exhausted of being outranked by your competitors in the search engine and disappointed by failing to compete with your competitors in online business? If yes, SEO is what your business website needs! Do you know? 95% of internet experience begins with a search engine? Also, about 66% of online searchers tend to click on one of the first three results that the search engine displays.

SEO is a compilation of those strategies that help you optimize your website according to the search engine guidelines, to help you fall into the good books of search engine crawlers as well as your potential online user base.

DigitalOye is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies that offer affordable SEO services for small businesses operating in any niche area. With an impressive experience of nearly two decades in working with small companies and startups like yours, we are well equipped to take your online business to the next level - helping you outrank your ‘search’ competitors. This way, we help you boost your online sales and revenue prospects.

Best SEO Company For Small Businesses

  • Competitive SEO analysis and thorough keyword research
  • Technical SEO optimization
  • On-page and off-page content optimization
  • Local SEO execution, enhancing Google My Business Profile
  • Creating relevant backlinks, social links, and directory listings
  • Monitoring SEO efforts and forming monthly reports using several tools & analytics

Best SEO Services Your Small Businesses & Startups

DigitalOye is a leading SEO Company in Delhi NCR with expertise in employing modern approaches to help your website attain an impressive ranking in the search results, driving more relevant traffic to your website.

Our every SEO process begins with thorough keyword research and analysis, helping you target those keywords and catchphrases that your potential customers are searching for in real-time.

  • Drive-in more relevant traffic to your website
  • Widen your potential customer base and tap into new customers with ease.
  • Customize your website based on your geographic location and targeted demographics.
  • Web design and landing page enhancements of websites for improving user experience.
  • Form relevant and informative backlinks on high authority websites.
  • Boost your online branding prospects.

Best SEO Agency For Small Businesses in Delhi

DigitalOye is the leading small business SEO company - partners in online growth and expansion of your online business. From initial website audits to keyword research and ranking optimization, we offer the most performance-oriented SEO services for small businesses in Delhi, Noida.

Why Do People Trust Our SEO Agency?

  • Customized SEO packages based on your business niche and specific requirements.
  • Initial website audits and R&D of your industry to help your business sustain for a long time in search results.
  • Bringing targeted audiences to your website, improving your site authority in search.
  • Boosting Return on Investment and conversion rates manifolds with the help of consistent SEO efforts.
  • Ability to tap into new demographics and geographical markets easily.
  • Optimize your website in ways to easily outrank your competitors in the search results with best SEO services for small business.

Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Keyword Research

This is the first thing that our professional SEO team takes on! We go through a detailed procedure to help your website target relevant keywords based on your niche area, audience demographics and behaviour, and competitor’s strategies. Next, we produce informative content around these targeted keywords and make them live on-page and off-page.

Technical SEO

There is no use of having an appealing website if it is not visible in the search results. As a professional SEO Company for small business, we optimize your website following the way it looks, feels, relates to your audience’s expectations. We work on the technical aspects of your website, like adding a sitemap, using on-page loading speed, and enhancing user experience.

Competitive Analysis

Because of the speed at which the online trends change and take shape, it is imperative to keep an eye on what’s new in the industry and the internet world. This said, our research team makes sure to be in constant touch with every further advancement in your industry to help keep your website up-to-date, trendy, and appealing to your potential customers.

Building Backlinks

Yes, even after the decades of SEO existing, backlinks are still considered to be the backbone of every website. With little to no backlinks, it would become challenging for your website to show up in the search results. However, unlike before, only the backlinks which are formed on good authority, relevant websites are considered by popular search engines like Google.

SEO Process For Small Business

As a leading SEO Agency for Small Business, we make sure to employ all the primary SEO practices to the website to improve its online footprint, helping you attain a stronger position in the search results that also help you with online branding indirectly.
Our SEO process is explained below -


  • Define SEO?

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a bunch of techniques and strategies that ensure that your website meets all the search engine guidelines, helping you position better in the search engine for relevant queries.

  • How does SEO help my small business?

    There is no denying the importance of the internet for business today. Irrespective of the industry you operate in, your potential audience exists online. This is the reason why it is imperative to put your business on the internet in a way that it does your branding, bring you more prospective customers, conversions, and ROI. With a proper SEO strategy in place, you can expand your business online quickly.

  • How long does SEO take?

    Unlike other marketing practices, SEO will be a systematic process. You cannot apply SEO to your website for a week and abandon the strategy after that. If yours is a new website, it might take up to 6 months before you begin to see some results. SEO is a long term investment - even though it will not help you jump from 100 visitors to a 1000 visitors in a day, but once you begin to see the results, they will be organic and long-lasting.

  • Will my company benefit from SEO?

    The first step that almost every customer takes worldwide is to conduct their research online. If your potential customers are searching for your products and services online, you must invest in SEO immediately.

  • Can I do SEO on my own?

    If you have the level of experience, you can do SEO for your website on your own. You can also hire an in-house team to handle your website. However, suppose you are looking for a more cost-friendly option. In that case, you should always consider giving your website’s SEO project to an experienced and professional SEO Agency in Delhi that is well-equipped with tools and strategies to help you outrank your search competitors.

  • What does an SEO company do?

    Agencies and companies that offer SEO services are known for developing a niche-specific, customized strategy for your website to rank higher in the search engines. They follow complete white-hat SEO best practices to build your website’s search engine presence. Your choice of an SEO agency must discuss your website objectives and strategize steps that will suit you the best.

  • What is your SEO pricing?

    At Digitaloye, we offer three affordable SEO packages for your convenience - basic, advanced, and premium. You can select the SEO package that suits your objectives the best. Check our SEO packages here.

  • Do you offer custom SEO packages?

    Yes, we offer custom SEO solutions based on what your objectives and goals are, what industry you are operating in, and what is your current website’s status. Contact us for more information.