As the best search engine marketing company in Delhi, we help to reach out to our audience very well and drive up valuable sales with our best search engine marketing services in Delhi. As the best search engine marketing company in Delhi, we do all the things right from campaign analysis to, creation and optimization with proper reporting and insights analysis.

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Best Search Engine Marketing Company in Delhi

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Service

It is the process of getting the rank upon SERP (Search Engine Result Page) through paid media is called search engine marketing. For eg, if you are searching for your products and services you ensure that your website comes on the top of the ranking and traffic is redirected to your website

We have the best team of experts who ensure that requirements are met as per your requirements or products or services. As a part of our best search engine marketing services in Delhi, we make out best strategies so as to give you maximum conversion to maintain a proper conversion rate. We plan the strategies accordingly so as to give you the maximum ROI. You only just have to pay when someone clicks your ads and there no extra money required to be spent apart from that.

How we do Audience Targeting?

  • Geographic location
  • Socio-economic factors
  • Interest and Behavioral metrics

Choose Keywords based on

  • Business requirements and search pattern of users
  • Buyer Personas and sales cycle

How DigitalOye will help you?

Choose the Right ad to start with

These ads appear next to search engines and they trigger only when someone searches for your keywords. So our best SEM services in Delhi includes

  • search ad creation- we write compelling ad copies and tell people what you offer
  • Use keywords for better results - as a best sem agency in Delhi we do the right keyword selection to what your customers are interested in.
  • Control your Budget -our sem services in Delhi also includes budget monitoring that how much you want to spend to your potential audience and start showing your ads to your selected people.

As a best sem agency in Delhi we create best display ads to show your ads to relevant audiences.

  • Create your ads - You can choose from text or images with the ad album present in your account within a few minutes.
  • Show your ads - Create your campaigns to reach audiences using interests, topics, placements or demographics.

Video ads are visible only to the potential users you had targeted, pay only they watch. In another way, your budget will only be spent when adverts are shown to the targeted people and they watch it and are interested in your business.

  • Create your ads - As a best SEM company in Delhi we create a video, set up a YouTube account and upload it. Your video will appear on other videos as per your targeting criteria.
  • Show your ads - We show ads on the basis on interest, gender behavior and demographics.
  • Control your Budget - Set a daily budget, and use YouTube’s Analytics tool for reports

Universal App Campaigns help you to market your business iOS or Android app to users. Reach users who will love your app and make the most of your budget.

  • Customize your ad - Search for your app to see a custom ad preview of your app on the App Store or Play Store. Customize the text, upload images and videos of your app and start the campaign.
  • Control your Budget - As a best SEM agency we set a daily budget, decide how much you’re willing to utilize the budget for each app installation (CPI or cost per install).
  • Easy to use management tool - Launch your ad on the web, across Google Search, Play, YouTube, Gmail and more. We automatically set your bids according to show your app ads to maximum people.

If you're a merchant, you can use Google Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, increase traffic flow to your website or store.

  • Get More Traffic: Get higher clickthrough rates (CTR) with Shopping ads compared to text ads shown in the same location for shopping-related searches.
  • Multiple Listing: At a time more than one listing can appear for a potential user search term which is relevant, the product listing shopping ads and a text ad can also appear at the same time.
  • Easy Campaign Management: Shopping ads use the product attributes mentioned in your product listing shopping ads data to make your ads visible on relevant or targeted search terms. Browse your inventory of products in merchant center for Google Product listing ads, and can create a group of products or items you want to bid or spend your budget.
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FAQs About Search Engine Marketing Services

  • What is Search Engine Marketing?

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to all the paid marketing strategies that are conducted to improve a site's visibility in the search engine results to drive more website traffic and generate revenue.

  • What are the prices of your SEM Packages? Can I customize it?

    Yes, you can customize your SEM package depending on your area of business and scope of work. Contact us to get a quote today here.

  • Why should I consider Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

    Search engine marketing is the fastest way to get your website more visibility on the search results. Unlike organic methods like search engine optimization, with the help of this paid method (SEM), your website will be displayed on the top of the search results leading to an increased number of site visits and quality lead generation.

  • How will I determine results?

    The best part about search engine marketing is that the results are highly measurable - you need to be clear with what your objective behind your SEM results is. For example, if it is to increase awareness, you can monitor "impressions" and "clicks" on paid search engine listings. The best tool that comes in handy while measuring SEM efforts is Google Search Console. Besides, our team is always ready to guide you along the way.

  • What sets DigitalOye apart from other digital marketing agencies?

    Many digital marketing agencies make unrealistic commitments to clients to acquire them but struggle to keep up with their expectations during the project delivery time. Whereas, we at DigitalOye believe in keeping complete transparency with them from the very beginning of the project. We keep them updated with regular reports and help them analyze the results. This way, we are known for maintaining a good rapport will all our clients.

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  • Google Search
  • Ahrefs
  • Scre
  • Moz
  • Semrush

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