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Garud Pipes is one of the well-known manufacturers of garden hoses that are available online. Based in Himachal Pradesh, they deliver valuable garden hose or water hose pipe. They offer flexible and crack proof garden pipe that can be used for a wide variety of tasks like gardening, kitchen requirements, farm irrigations, car wash and more.

The Challenge

Garud Pipes wanted to expand their reach and establish their brand worldwide for their PVC garden pipes range. They wanted to appear on the first page of the search results to reach more audience and bring in an increased number of conversions. However, initially, owing to the high competition in the market, Garud Pipes did not appear on the first page of the search engine results. As a result of which they were losing on a huge audience potential, while their competitors enjoyed a significant share in the pie.


The first step that our SEO team at DigitalOye took was to conduct an initial audit of the website to understand the shortcomings. Next, we did a detailed analysis of their business environment, their KPIs, their competitors, and their audience demographics. Once we were able to identify the trouble areas, we provided them with SEO services. We first started with doing an in-depth keyword analysis to find out their niche-specific keywords. Next, we optimized the website’s on-page structure based on Google’s SEO best practice. Finally, we put efforts into building a robust backlinking structure to receive links from high authority websites for indicating Google about the efficiency of Garud Pipes.

We offered them the following services -

  • Website audit to pinpoint the troubled areas.
  • Industry and competitive analysis to understand what their counterparts are doing online.
  • Customers behaviour pattern analysis.
  • Keyword research and analysis for paving the way for the SEO process.
  • Search Engine Optimization (on-page and off-page) for strengthening their website’s overall online presence.


In just two months of continuing the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process, Garud Pipes saw a rise in their search results rankings in India. Today, the website has successfully made it to the top ten search results in the first page, for primary keywords like PVC Garden Pipe, Hose Pipe, Garden Hose Water Pipe, and several other LSI and secondary keywords.

The website now records daily search traffic of fifty online users leading to a 350 per cent increase in traffic and an improvement in the number of enquiries and CTA clicks.

Services Used

For establishing a trustworthy brand online, we offered the below-mentioned services to Garud Pipes -

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The Results

  • Increase in Traffic


    Increase in Traffic

  • Increase in Conversion Rates


    Increase in Conversion Rates

  • Increase in their social engagement


    Increase in their social engagement

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