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Titos Case Study


Titos night club was established in goa back in 1971 when the hippies were still lying around in search of salvation and nirvana. Titos night club is famous among both international tourists and the Indian youth. Titos is one of the most famous nightclubs in Goa located to the north near Baga. They wanted to establish a similar worth in Delhi-NCR too.

The Challenge

Ever since Club Titos was open for business in Noida, our client was expecting the club to perform at the same rate as it did in Goa, but there is a difference in location and aura which effected their expected results. Club Titos approached us for creation of banners and advertisements of different shapes and sizes to display around the areas assorted in the mall (Gardens Galleria)


The client focussed on creating eye catching banners to display advertisements across the Gardens Galleria mall. We then catered them with-

  • Creating banners of different sizes.
  • Measures to increase awareness.

Strategy and Tactics

Services - Branding and communication

The client demanded a high number of banners to be designed each month, Club Titos in Goa is a well knows brand and they expected their club here in Noida to perform on a similar level.

We made banners as the client suggested to be like, they wanted to convey to their customers that each of the weekday had a special event for a certain niche. For example, we made banners of Senorita nights for Thursday which was specially for ladies, a corporate night specially for corporates on Wednesdays etc.

The client demanded more than the usual number of banner creations within the month, although in the beginning there was a lot of communication gap as the right person was not allotted to convey us the timely approvals for the banners and provide us with insights related to banner creation. After the right personal was assorted to give us insights and approvals on time, our deliverables were sent on time.

Since the client demanded lots of customization, we delivered roughly 125 banners within a course of 75 days which was way beyond the number of banners demanded in the beginning.

The Results

  • Increase in Traffic


    Increased brand awareness

  • Increase in Conversion Rates


    Increased foot fall in the club.

  • Increase in Sales Pipeline


    Posted banners of various shapes and sizes across the mall and displaying the events organised each day of the week.

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