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Naturally You and Me brings together a wide range of shampoos and haircare products to cater to the needs of women and men with curly hair structure. The company provides hair care products made out of natural ingredients after detailed study and user reviews. All the products are made of naturally occurring ingredients and are CG friendly.


The client wanted to attract more traffic to their social media pages and increase the lead generation rate. The following milestones were assorted to cater the demands of the client-

  • Organic Post (Daily 2 postings) – Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Put 2 Instagram story according to post.
  • Shared posting in relevant groups.
  • Creation of website banners, posts, stories related to contests, giveaways and new arrivals.
  • Run contest or giveaway once in a month.
  • Run Paid Campaign like website conversion and post boosting.

Strategy and Tactics

We studied the competitors of our client and exchanged ideas regarding the marketing campaigns and what the website banner, Instagram post and written content should feel like.

We stayed in regular contact with the client while developing the creatives as the client demanded high level of customization of posts.

The client expected immediate responses on Instagram, we had to brainstorm and come up with a bunch of keywords and experiment with different combinations of hashtags to understand those words and tags that help us engage with the audience more.

Customized giveaways and paid advertisements were also used to generate traffic from different branches of reaching the customer market.

The client heavily focused on the consistency of Instagram posts, they demanded 2 post daily on twitter, Facebook and Instagram and 2 stories for each of the social media handles as well.

We studied the audience of the client and conducted a competitior analysis to come up with content ideas that would resonate more with the client's target audience.

Services Used

Following are the services that we provided the client to help their business reach the maximum audience online-

During the initital stages of staring the campaigns, Naturally You and Me sold around 4 lakh product monthly. When we began brand building strategies for their business, we reached out a wide list of video influencers and Instagram influencers to further market our posts and the products on a regular basis. Even though initially, the numbers were not as expected, but gradually, the numbers doubled and reached around 10 lakh products a month. We stayed constant with our strategies of paid such as PPC services and organic marketing like SEO services, brand building to reach 21 lakh product sales a month which was the highest target ever achieved.

The Results

  • Increase in Traffic


    Increase in Traffic

  • Increase in Conversion Rates


    Increase in Conversion Rates

  • Increase in their social engagement


    Increase in their social engagement

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