iGenetic Case Study


iGenetic is founded by a team of scientists and researches, that offer clinical diagnosis and laboratory tests. They provide pathology tests services that include molecular diagnostics, cytogenetics, genetic sequencing and other routine tests.

The Challenge

Being a new entry in the market, it required to have a strong digital presence to compete with the already established businesses. The challenge was to make the client's website achieve good SEO rankings, have a strong social media presence and improve brand awareness.


We focused on their online branding because we believe that having a good brand awareness establishes trust in the target audience that in turn brings more quality leads and conversions to the client. Therefore, we provided them with -

  • We worked on their on-page and off-page SEO strategies to help them get good rankings in the search engines.
  • We optimized their website's content to provide their site visitor with something relevant, and therefore reduced their bounce rate.
  • We conducted a keyword analysis to come up with highly targeted keywords that lead to an increase in website traffic.
  • We also ran paid advertisements by targeted the search terms that were relevant to the business and recieved a good click-through-rate.

Strategy and Tactics

We executed the best SEO practices to promote iGenetic's services on the search engine.

We worked on the site's landing pages to add enriched and relevant content.

We created relevant ad copies and ran several ad campaigns across the major social media platforms and the search engines to generate quality leads.

We worked on their social media presence because buildng trust with the audience is necessary to get a loyal customer base.

Services Used

To make sure that the clients' business is well recieved by the search engines and the human audience, we provided them the following services-

The Results

  • Increase in Traffic


    Increase in Traffic

  • Increase in Conversion Rates


    Increase in Conversion Rates

  • Increase in their social engagement


    Increase in their social engagement

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