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Founded in the year 2003, Enviropol is one of the leading Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems and Bagasse Dryers suppliers worldwide. With a presence in 14 countries all around the world, It is one of the pioneer companies of Indian origin who has an active presence in the APC business spectrum.

The Challenge

The world is facing a severe climate crisis, but there is little to no awareness among people regarding environmental solutions such as Air Pollution Control (APC) Systems and Bagasse Dryers. As a part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR), Enviropol wanted to spread awareness around its environmental products.


To achieve Enviropol's objective, DigitalOye suggested online branding and CSR activities through social media and search engines. We first conducted thorough market research on their business, products and offerings, and their target audience, which was big enterprises, factories, and manufacturing industries. Next, we conceptualized several ideas to begin their branding and spread awareness around their product line. By raising awareness around the alarming situation of the climate, we placed the product as the ultimate solution to curb environmental pollution. We created video content, informational social media posts, and product display posts to resonate with the target audience.

Apart from social media, we also conducted an in-depth SEO strategy to rank their website on the first page of the search results. We took steps like creating an excellent backlinking profile, optimizing their website content, and engaging with the environmentalists and industrialists on online forums and websites like Quora and Reddit.

The Results

As a result of our SEO and social media efforts, we were able to generate 200 times more traffic for the Enviropol website. We achieved a 100%
increase in domestic and international leads coming from our social media awareness campaigns and SEO best practices.

In just four months of our SEO efforts, we achieved a website ranking for Enviropol on the first page of the search engine results for 22 keywords! This resulted in an attractive increase in their conversion rate, client retention rate, and the total number of sales and revenue generated.

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