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Is Covid-19 Impacting Your Online Marketing Efforts?

Is Covid-19 Impacting Your Online Marketing Efforts?

If your business is thinking of cutting down on your digital marketing budget, here is some advice about how you should go about your digital marketing efforts during tough times like these.

Over the last few weeks, several websites from different industries have seen a performance drop on the search engine. If your business does not fall under the “essential needs” category, your website will probably be experiencing fewer searches.

This being said, many businesses are being forced to trim down their costs and budgets.
What implications does this have on digital marketing investments?
Let’s find out.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, paid search and social media have experienced a blow. Search demand is hitting grounds for many businesses. If your products and services are not deemed as “Essential need,” then you would want to cut down on your paid ad spend. If you fail to cut down on your ad spend, it can negatively impact the most profitable campaigns and return on ad spend (ROAS). Therefore, over the next couple of months, you need to execute your paid ad campaigns with caution if you know that your offerings are not a top priority for your customers right now.

On the other side, if your business is providing products or services that are still in demand, you should be looking to increase your ad spend. However, you need to make sure that you’re keeping a critical eye on your ROAS.

Run Email Campaigns Instead

If you’re wondering why Email campaigns are cost-friendly AND effective. Considering that you need to cut down on your online advertisement budget, you can use emails as an alternative to attract some sales. Many industries just have to shoot a reminder that despite the brick and mortar stores being closed, they can still get the products delivered.

However, remember to be mindful of the pandemic and make sure that your customers know that you’re there for help. This is not the right time for hard-selling your services with discount coupons of coronavirus “deals.”

True, email marketing might not make up for all the online performance losses your brand must have suffered. But, if executed mindfully, it will show value and evoke trust in your customers ensuring profits when all this settles and times are more satisfied.

SEO and Content Marketing

Just like there has been a downfall in paid advertising campaigns, websites worldwide are also seeing an organic performance drop due to the overall drop in search demand. However, unlike cutting down on your paid advertisement budget, you must continue executing your SEO and content marketing efforts.

Make note that these drops in organic search impressions are not because of any SEO or ranking issue but due to a decline in search demand amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. If you audit your site on Google Search Console, you’ll notice that your site rankings are the same despite a fall in search impressions.

Therefore, if you choose to reduce even your organic (SEO and content marketing) efforts, you will put your organic rankings at risk. This is because, once the search demands return (which it will once the outbreak is over), you will drive even less traffic to your site than before the pandemic began. Therefore, it is imperative to at least maintain - if not grow - your organic marketing efforts.

The businesses that are still carrying out their organic marketing efforts like before will experience a faster and more effective recovery. They can also see a positive impact on their search engine rankings if they continue with their SEO and content marketing efforts.

This being said, it is imperative to strike a balanced deal with your SEO company in New Jersey to, if not increase, at least maintain your website’s rankings during these tough times. The businesses and agencies must create quality content to reach out to their customers in solidarity because, as I mentioned earlier, this is no time for hard selling.

And most important of all, be kind, be woke!

In such times of uncertainties, more than being concerned for their losses, they should play an active role in making sure that their customers and employees are safe and healthy at all times. Staying safe should be the utmost priority for everyone. The brands that show emotional support to their stakeholders in current situations will undoubtedly bounce back stronger once the pandemic retreats. Until then, find out convenient ways to carry on your digital marketing efforts, keep in touch with your SEO agency New Jersey, and improve lean effectiveness.

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