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How well do you know Google and what’s your take on the algorithm changes

9 May 2018 Posted By : Ashish

How well do you know Google and what’s your take on the algorithm changes

So, how to tackle those changes?

  • Generally cropping the content is considered the most viable option. Keep updating your content to make it even richer. In case you think any content is irrelevant, feel free to delete it. As best seo company in Delhi we keep updated with these algorithims for a smooth seo.
  • Recheck your content and search for missing links or images. Keeping these unchecked can lessen organic traffic to a nadir. It is better to do this on a periodic interval for maintaining the traffic that you desire.
  • You can use the Google console. It’s easy and does half of the work already and spares you from all the headaches. The best thing about this is that Google will automatically mail you to fix the errors even if you are not aware of it. Being a seo agency in Delhi we use this to utmost potential
  • Brand building is the key. The future is standing straight, right on the brands. Since people sought brands and consequently Google does too. Therefore, build a brand and you will see yourself at the top of the list.
  • Working on your part is as essential as keeping an eye on the opponents. So, keep both your eyes open and see the competition and find your position in it. You can do this by keeping a cordial relation by following them or mailing them, etc.

Google will keep changing and if you want to keep up with it, then you surely have to think ahead of everything and set your focus on users. Just keep doing what the users ask for and you will see Google algorithms beside you all the time. With our unique SEO services we ensure that google update in google algorithms play a key role in boosting on page SEO also.

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