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How to Promote Real Estate Business on Facebook

How to Promote Real Estate Business on Facebook

Promoting a real estate business on Facebook can be an excellent way to reach potential buyers and sellers. Facebook effectively provides a vast platform for reaching an immensely large audience. Here are some particular ways you can consider to promote your real estate business on Facebook.

  • Create a Facebook business page

Setting up a business page on Facebook is a great way to create a professional online presence for your real estate business. Your business page should include information about your company, services, and accurate contact details. You can also include photos and videos of properties you have listed for sale or rent.

  • Use Facebook ads

Facebook offers a variety of advertising options that can help you reach a specific audience. For example, you can use Facebook ads to target people who live in a specific location or have shown a little bit of interest in real estate-related topics. This can be a pretty cost-effective way to promote your business to a highly targeted audience.

  • Leverage Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups related to real estate that you can join. These groups can be a great way to connect with potential buyers and sellers, as well as other industry professionals. You can also create your own group and use it as a platform to share listings, reply to questions, and provide helpful detailed information.

  • Live video

Facebook Live is a tremendously powerful tool that allows you to share live video with your target audience. You can use it to conduct virtual property tours, answer customer questions, and share relevant information about the local real estate market. This will give potential buyers and sellers an idea of the properties you are listing and also about the area in which they are located.

  • Engage with your target audience

Responding to comments and messages in a timely and professional manner will help you build trust and credibility with your audience. Share useful information and answer questions to keep your audience engaged. This will also help you to develop relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

  • Use retargeting ads

Facebook also offers retargeting ads, which allow you to target people who have previously visited your website or interacted a bit with your business on Facebook. This can be a great way to re-engage with people who have shown interest in your business but have not yet taken action.

  • Use Instagram

As Facebook owns Instagram you can use this platform to reach a different audience that is active on Instagram and could be interested in your real estate business. You can share pictures of your properties, behind the scenes of the company and other relevant information.


In summary, promoting your real estate business on Facebook can be a cost-effective and efficient way to reach potential buyers and sellers. By creating a business page, sharing listings, using Facebook ads, leveraging Facebook groups, using Live video, engaging with your audience, using retargeting ads and using Instagram can help you to expand your reach and connect with new clients.

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