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Alutech Industry was established in 2015. It is one of the leading organizations that manufactures and supplies a wide range of construction products. Some of these are Exterior ACP sheets, Interior ACP Sheets, Marble ACP Sheets, Wooden ACP Sheets, ACP Signage Board, ATM Sheets, Partition Panel, and Aluminium Composite Panel.
The company offers end to end solutions from construction to finishing touches to the project. They leverage advanced technology and qualified workforce to streamline the manufacturing process.

The Challenge

Being in a competitive industry, the company was failing to rank on the first page of the search results in the search engine. This was mainly because the company was newly established as compared to its counterparts in the industry. Alutech Panels desired to be visible on the first page of the search results to come out as a trusted and established brand in the industry. Because their brand did not have a presence on the first page of the results, they were losing out on a huge potential audience to the top competitors in the industry.


First thing first, our SEO team at DigitalOye conducted a thorough industry analysis to understand their business environment, competitor’s strategies, and their potential audience’s demographics. Next, we suggested Alutech leverage our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise to revamp their website according to SEO best practices. We audited their current website and rectified the errors in the design of the site, their landing pages, and on-page metrics. Next, we did an in-depth keyword analysis and worked towards building a robust backlinking profile for them.

Here is everything that we did for them -

  • Industry research and competitive analysis
  • On-page website optimization, according to Google’s SEO best practices.
  • Strong backlinking profile to receive high authority links from third-party websites.


In just two months of taking their project, our SEO team was able to improve their website’s rankings manifolds. The client witnessed a boost in their search rankings, and soon they were being positioned in the first page of the results, with their major competitors. Our SEO efforts also directed double the website traffic that they were receiving earlier.

We regularly monitored their website performance and reported it back to the client, and we worked together to make the website a hit among its search competitors. Today, the website has experienced an overall 200% rise in site traffic and CTA clicks.

Services Used

To improve their search engine reach and simultaneously help in their overall branding, we offered the company the following services -

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

The Results

  • Increase in Traffic


    Increase in Traffic

  • Increase in Conversion Rates


    Increase in Conversion Rates

  • Increase in their social engagement


    Increase in their social engagement

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